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Building Better Organisations

We are the Consultancy for you if you want:


To invest in your employees

Your organisation to continually improve

High performance to become the norm

We use The 4e Approach

1. Explore

Using our suite of assessment & diagnostic tools, discover your organisational strengths and areas for growth and development.

3. Evolve

Working through the 5 essential team functions, enable stronger working relationships, improve communication, and develop a targeted focus on reaching organisational goals and outcomes.

2. Empower

Applying The 5 x 5 Model® to your organisational setting, start shaping and developing the teams in your organisation to be open to and excited about transformational change.

4. Evaluate

After the first 3 stages, use the suite of assessment & diagnostic tools to review and evaluate your progress, so continually improving becomes part of your organisational culture.

If you’d like to know more about the 4e Approach, get in touch today.

Our Services

Our Services

Consultancy Services

Listening is at the heart of understanding and understanding is essential for change.  We will undertake listening tours within your organisation so that we can help you identify and understand opportunities to change so that you can continually improve your services.

The 5 x 5 Model® Training

The 5 x 5 Model Training acquaints you with the principles, concepts and foundations that underpin the 5 essential functions before supporting you to work through each distinct domain so you can start the process of desired change immediately. This 3-day training is designed for whole teams and includes engaging group activities and tasks for each of the 5 essential functions.

Strategy Development Events

We believe in the power of thinking space to generate innovation and momentum.  We will take both a 'now' and a 'future' perspective to help you think about the status quo and where you would like to take the organisation before helping you to develop a clear strategy for getting there.

Team Alignment Away Days

Team Alignment is an essential process that will kickstart your journey towards designing an Intentional Culture.  We combine fun and interactive activities with key alignment tasks so that your teams can become more cohesive and effective together. 

Intentional Organisational Culture Development Workshops

Our Intentional Culture workshops will help you to identify your existing organisational culture and what may need to change so you can begin to embed an intentional culture that is aligned with your values and objectives. 

Leadership Development & Coaching 

We believe developing new ways of thinking to work more effectively with people and organisational systems is a necessary requirement for organisational growth.We provide Leadership Development and Coaching that focuses on working effectively with individuals, teams and the wider-system.  

Wellbeing Services

We also offer targeted services in Emotional and Mental Health & Wellbeing. We have provided mental health support to individuals and organisations across a number of business sectors and industries through direct 1:1 sessions, group consultation, training workshops and debriefing sessions focusing on incidents that have significantly affected staff groups.


"Despite being a small organisation, the challenge of change is no different, yet working through the 5 x 5 Model with SSC is making a real breakthrough in our thinking and approach to that journey. The 5 x 5 Model creates space for everyone to contribute and that approach is both effective and scalable."

Tracy White
CEO of Save the Family

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