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Wellbeing Services

Systemic Solutions Consulting also offer targeted services in Emotional and Mental Health & Wellbeing.  We have provided mental health support to individuals and organisations across a number of business sectors and industries through direct 1:1 sessions, group consultation, training workshops and debriefing sessions focusing on incidents that have significantly affected staff groups.

Our Wellbeing programmes include:

Staff Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

Many organisational settings can be high intensity workplaces where employees contend with high levels of workplace stress, rapidly changing situations and the complexity organisational processes.  We provide confidential virtual or telephonic counselling where your employees can access up to 6 sessions of individual counselling services as needed. Employees seeking support beyond 6 sessions may purchase additional sessions as needed.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training

Ensuring your employees are able to attend to their mental health and wellbeing is essential when working in busy, high stress workplaces.  This 2 hour training considers the constructs of emotional health and wellbeing before supporting your employees to identify how to improve their individual wellbeing while also supporting the health of the broader team.  Recognising that workplace stressors can undermine positive workplace practices, this training will also provide support to develop solutions to workplace problems that may be impacting staff wellbeing.

Resilience Amidst Patient Aggression and Violence

Demands on the Primary Care workforce continue to increase, and tightening capacity to meet this demand can lead to the expression of frustration and agitation from patients towards frontline staff and medical professionals.  Whilst many medical centres and practices have zero-tolerance policies related to aggression, bullying, or violence towards employees, teams may still be exposed to verbal, emotional or physical attacks, leading to increased workplace stress and burnout.  Primary Care employees having access to services that can help them process the impact of complex patient behaviours is essential to ensure that employees perceive the workplace as a safe environment, despite the potential for aggressive patient interactions. 


This training focuses on understanding social, emotional, psychological factors that may contribute to patient agitation and how employees can communicate effectively with complex patients in these situations .  The training includes group consultation and situational debriefing, enabling exploration and processing of the impact of complex patients on individual and team wellbeing.

Mental Health First Responders

When an individual is in an acute mental health crisis, (s)he may reach out to familiar services, such as primary care, to communicate their distress.  While there are specific local crisis response pathways in place, it can be difficult for frontline staff to signpost someone in the midst of a mental health crisis to contact another service.  


This training will discuss how to sensitively and effectively respond as an individual and as a team to someone who is experiencing suicidal ideation or is in a mental health crisis.  This training will provide staff members with skills, and solutions for redeploying resources during a crisis response, and supporting both the individual in crisis and staff simultaneously.

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