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Intentional Culture Development Workshops

Unhelpful organisational culture is certain to undermine any organisation's intentions and if left unattended may become toxic leading to employee burnout, high rates of staff sickness or absenteeism and extensive low morale throughout the organisation.  Our Intentional Culture Development workshops will ground the construct of culture as a social framework and help you to understand the components of organisational culture which may unintentionally be holding your organisation back.

We will make the concept of organisational culture simple and easy to understand and we will then help you to realise that culture change does not have to be a long and slow process as long as you understand what needs to change to produce quick and lasting results.

We integrate the 5 essential functions into our Intentional Culture Development workshops so that your organisation can reliably deliver high performances as part of your organisational culture and begin to move towards stronger and more productive working relationships that are characterised by meaningful exchanges and interactions. 

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