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Listening Tours and Assessments

When you know you want to change but you don't know what needs to change, it is important to engage your workforce.  We can help you achieve this through our Listening Tours.  We adopt a strengths-based perspective when undertaking Listening Tours, rather than taking a critical approach, as we believe commitment to change starts by knowing what strengths and resources already exist.  We will speak with you to hear more about what you know about your organisation, and what you think may be holding you back before engaging employees across your organisation to hear their views on what is going well and what could improve.

We will spend time learning more about how your organisation works, interacts and performs before providing you with a detailed assessment on how your organisation is performing against the 5 domains of team dysfunction and the 5 domains of essential team function.  We will then make recommendations for how you can take the first steps to achieving your desired change, including quick wins which might have high impact in short periods of time

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