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The 5 x 5 Model® 3-Day Training

This 3-day training is our flagship training programme that will ensure you can advance your strategic intentions quickly and effectively.  From the start of the training we will begin to develop your employees into strong, cohesive and effective teams who are goal-focused and motivated to succeed.  We will provide you with a thorough grounding in the systemic principles and concepts that make The 5 x 5 Model effective, whilst teaching you how to communicate more effectively together and harness your problem-solving capabilities.

The second and third days of this training will focus exclusively on working through the 5 essential team functions so your teams are aligned together with a common understanding and vision for the future of the organisation. We will support you to explore the visible and invisible influences of organisational culture and help you to develop an intentional workplace culture that is aligned to your principles, values and beliefs.

The 5 x 5 Model training is an exciting opportunity for whole teams and organisations to meet together and become better aligned, to communicate more effectively and learn how to respond to complex workplace dilemmas efficiently and successfully.

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